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Web Cleaners
Exair Corporation
EXAIR offers the latest generation of engineered air knives that dramatically reduce compressed air usage and noise. The Super, Standard and Full-Flow Air ...

Displacement Transducers
Durham Instruments
Linear variable differential transformers (LVDT), also known as linear variable displacement transducers, are used to measure linear displacement. This typ...

Flexible Connectors
Centaxia Industrial Air Solutions
To reduce vibration transmission to the building and to protect the equipment from dynamic stresses caused by fan vibrations, temperature fluctuations and ...

Air Quality Test Service
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
Chevrier Instruments Inc. offers air quality testing services that can help your device reach its peak performance. Accuracy is key in any measurement appl...

Chain Tools
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offers a special tool designed specifically for dismantling a wide variety of engineered class chain. For example, it can be used wi...
Frasers Product
Polyethylene Sheet Plastic Sheeting
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
In the industry since 1942, Johnston Industrial Plastics distributes quality plastic shapes such as polyethylene sheets, tubes and rods. We work with a wid...