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Acuva brings purification technology to partner with drinking fountain company

Don Horne   


On the eve of World Water Day, a new partnership between Acuva Technologies and Kooler Industries is showing how innovative clean technology and international cooperation can help turn the tide in both the global water crisis and the fight against plastic waste.

Acuva Technologies, based in Burnaby, B.C., is the world leader in UV-LED technology that consistently purifies drinking water to a disinfection rate of 99 per cent or higher without chemicals. Kooler Industries is the Philippines’ largest manufacturer and distributor of drinking fountains. By integrating its sustainable technology into Kooler’s product lines, Acuva is helping to protect the health and safety of everyone who uses the thousands of Kooler units located in schools, shopping malls, restaurants, factories and resorts.

“At Acuva, we believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water,” said Manoj Singh, President and CEO of Acuva Technologies. “That’s why we’re so proud of our partnership with Kooler Industries to bring UV-LED purification to the Philippines, where nearly one in 10 people rely on unimproved, unsafe and unsustainable water sources.”

At the same time, the partnership represents yet another step in the wider deployment of Acuva’s energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly water purification systems. With the World Health Organization recently reporting that a quarter of the planet’s population drinks contaminated water, causing more than 2.2 million deaths annually, the importance of these breakthrough cleantech products cannot be overstated.


Another benefit of Acuva’s technology is that it drastically reduces the consumption of plastic water bottles. By encouraging Filipinos to use water fountains instead of single-use containers, Kooler’s initial order of 5,000 UV-LED water disinfection modules is estimated to help prevent 6 billion plastic bottles from ending up in garbage dumps and landfills.

Canada and the Philippines are partners on the international stage, often working together to find solutions to global issues,” stated John Holmes, Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines. “The collaboration between Acuva Technologies and Kooler Industries is yet another example of the immense opportunity that arises when Canadian and Philippine companies work together to foster innovation and growth.”


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