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Brewing with 100% renewable energy, Budweiser prepares Super Bowl promotion

February 1, 2019   Don Horne

As part of a global initiative, Budweiser Canada announced today that it is now brewed with 100 per cent renewable electricity supported by Direct Energy, one of North America’s largest retail providers of electricity and natural gas.

With this partnership, Budweiser Canada receives ECOLOGO Certified Renewable Energy Certificates, equivalent to the electricity used to brew Budweiser. The Certificates are supported by Direct Energy and are sourced from across Canada from 100 per cent renewable biomass, hydro-electric (water) and wind power sources.

“Beer is intimately tied to the environment it comes from and brewing our beer relies on a healthy environment,” said Todd Allen, vice president of marketing, Labatt Breweries of Canada. “Through this initiative, we can make sure that every watt we use to brew Budweiser helps green Canada’s electricity grid and contributes to our long-term business sustainability.”

Budweiser, no stranger to the Super Bowl, will use its coveted advertising airtime to celebrate and reinforce its pledge to positive change. In its North American spot,  “Wind Never Felt Better,” Budweiser celebrates its commitment to clean electricity, with the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and Dalmatian as its stars.


“We are thrilled to grow our relationship with Budweiser Canada by delivering Renewable Energy Certificates to them in Canada,” said Darin Holst, senior director, Canada, Direct Energy. “With significant expertise in designing customized renewable energy solutions for our customers, we are confident that the move to environmentally friendly sourcing will deliver on our shared renewable energy goals for Canadians.”

By 2025, all Budweiser around the world will be brewed with 100 per cent renewable electricity, which is in line with its parent company AB InBev’s commitment to achieve 100 per cent of purchased electricity covered by renewables by the same year.

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