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First Nations, Kanata Clean Power and Carbonvert partner on sequestration hub projects

Don Horne   

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Carbonvert Inc. has joined participating Treaty Six First Nations – led by founding partners Frog Lake First Nations #121 & #122 and Kehewin Cree Nation, and Kanata Clean Power & Climate Technologies Corp. – as partners in the Treaty Six-Kanata Carbon Hub Limited Partnership for carbon sequestration hubs in Alberta.

Carbonvert and its partner were recently the sole awardee of the State of Texas General Land Office request for proposals to develop a large-scale CO2 sequestration hub in the Gulf of Mexico. This award of over 40,000 acres is the first offshore regional CO2 transport and storage hub in the Americas. This is one of the largest carbon storage projects in the world. Carbonvert’s senior leadership also has direct experience planning, designing and operating several of the existing CCS global projects that have been built to date, including in Alberta.

“We are extremely pleased to join the project mission and the team jointly developing the T6-Kanata CarbonHub. Along with our project partners, we plan to develop, build, operate and manage a world-class large-scale carbon sequestration hub to serve Alberta’s industrial heartland region,” said Alex Tiller, president and CEO of Carbonvert. “Carbonvert is focused on facilitating a swift transition to a net-zero world, and the T6-Kanata CarbonHub will substantially reduce the carbon emissions from industrial clients in the region to the benefit of Alberta and society at large.”

Carbonvert brings practical project expertise, commercial and technical insights, and strategic leadership to the project through decades plus of experience gained in the renewable and conventional energy sectors, along with its leaderships’ direct experience in decarbonization and carbon capture and storage (“CCS”).


This Indigenous-led and owned response to the Government of Alberta’s RFPP for carbon sequestration represents an important step for both Alberta’s emissions reduction and economic reconciliation.  T6-Kanata CarbonHub team members are:

  • Participating Mtis and Treaty Six First Nations, some conditionally represented in part by Tribal Chiefs Ventures Inc. participating nations;
  • Individual Treaty Six First Nations, including founding partners Frog Lake First Nations #121 and #122, and Kehewin Cree Nation;
  • Kanata (development partner); and
  • Carbonvert (strategic decarbonization partner).

Tiller went on to say, “We want to simplify decarbonization by providing industries with CO2 storage solutions now that enable a cleaner future for all. The Alberta leadership also clearly recognizes the need for timely development of sequestration hubs that will manage emissions from the region’s large industries. Our proposed project provides safe, secure, low-cost regional CO2 storage for all industries in and around Edmonton and will likely attract new business for years to come.”

The T6-Kanata CarbonHub will be owned by the “Treaty Six-Kanata Carbon Hub Limited Partnership,” through which participating Métis and Treaty Six First Nations will be the majority owners of a key carbon reduction infrastructure project in their traditional territory.

Kanata, Carbonvert and other partners will own minority interests in the partnership.


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