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This is the May 31, 2016 edition of Canada's Process Network's informative e-newsletter. In each edition we offer process solutions and application information.

Moves So Much Air, EXAIR Patented It!

EXAIR’s low cost air movers use their patented airflow technology to move high volumes of room air using only a small amount of compressed air. Output airflows are 25 times the air consumption rate. They are ideal for exhausting smoke, drying parts, maintaining uniform heat in ovens and blowoff applications. Many sizes and materials are available. Our web site offers detailed information, downloadable drawings and PDF literature.

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation -
Rotronic Measurement Solutions

Rotronic humidity transmitters, temperature transmitters and low dew point transmitters are designed for fixed installation in applications ranging from the control of office buildings, storage areas and manufacturing processes to specialized applications such as IT rooms, server rooms, clean rooms, pharmaceutical test laboratories, stabilization rooms and semi-conductor fabrication areas.

CGIS Case Study – Tailings Knife Gate Valve

When the words abrasive, corrosive, and radioactive accurately define the contents of your slurry, you better make sure you’re using the proper Severe Service Valve (SSV) to manage the application. In this case study, learn how CGIS implemented a Delta Industrial knife gate valve to save a customer over $130,000 in just 20 months.

Babbitt Chainwheels - See us at the Global Petroleum Show Hall D & E, Booth 7800

Babbitt Chainwheels is the leading manufacturer of manually operated overhead valve actuators (chainwheels) worldwide. Babbitt chainwheels with chain guides operate valves in high, normally out-of-reach locations easily and economically. The Babbitt chainwheel attaches to the hand wheel of a valve allowing it to be opened and closed from the floor.

FDT/DTM Technology - Bridging Legacy and the New Era Automation

Versatile standard provides many pathways for simplifying plant integration

FDT/DTM Technology, built with an open architecture concept so it could evolve to meet industry demands, provides vendors and users with a single, standardized asset integration solution for information driven operations. Download the eBook to read about simplifying asset integration.

Magnetrol - Knock Out Tough Level Control Challenges With Leading-Edge Radar Solutions

Magnetrol® offers a powerful one-two punch with Eclipse® Model 706 Guided Wave Radar and Pulsar® Model R96 Non-Contact Radar. These best-in- class radar transmitters provide measurement performance that far exceeds many traditional level control technologies. Count on Magnetrol radar solutions for reliable control of your liquid level applications.

VEGA Americas - VEGA PLICSCOM now comes with Bluetooth!

The display and adjustment module PLICSCOM from VEGA now comes with optional Bluetooth. This allows users to wirelessly adjust any transmitter with a smartphone or tablet from a distance of about 80 feet. To learn more about PLICSCOM with Bluetooth...

Hammond Manufacturing - HWN4SSHK Series Enclosure

Hammond Manufacturing recently released the HWN4SSHK Series enclosure which was designed for corrosive, rugged environments. Certain applications see enclosures opened frequently and the easy-open 3 point 316 stainless steel handle system is ideal. The heavy gauge metal, stainless steel piano hinge and welded mounting feet can stand up to the toughest specifications. The Type 4X/IP66 HWN4SSHK Series is offered in 304 and 316L stainless steel.

Greyline Instruments - Announces Next Step in Ultrasonic Metering

The DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter measures flow from outside a pipe. It employs the latest technology in Doppler signal processing. The clamp-on ultrasonic sensor mounts on any ½" ID or larger pipe. The DFM 5.1 is designed for “difficult” liquids like wastewater, sludge, slurries, abrasives or any liquid with bubbles or suspended solids.

BinMaster - Laser Level Sensor with Narrow Beam

New LL-100 laser level measurement sensor for level control, plugged chute detection, and monitoring buildup. Measures a single point in a tight 1° beam with no beam divergence, making it suitable for use in narrow vessels or constrained spaces. Non-contact device for bulk solids, pellets, granular materials, or opaque liquids. Measuring range up to 160 feet and accurate up to +/- 1 inch. Continuous level monitoring with rapid update rate of eight times per second. Easy to install and has an adjustable angle mounting flange that swivels up to 10 degrees.
Get more information...


Gamajet - Clean Totes/IBCs in Four Minutes

Searching for savings? You've arrived at your destination. The Alfa Laval GJ 9 automated cleaning device allows companies to clean their intermediate bulk containers and totes in-house and in just four minutes! Using patented rotary impingement technology, the Alfa Laval GJ 9 rotates in a 360° repeatable and reliable pattern that ensures the entire interior, even the pesky, tough-to-reach top corners, is clean. Expensive outsourcing for cleaning and refurbishing is completely eliminated and wasteful water usage is reduced by up to 80%.

Endress+Hauser - FTL51 Vibronic Level Switches

Mechanical level switches are affected by buildup and are subject to wear and tear due to moving components. Endress+Hauser Vibronic Level Switches with the Nivotester Switching Unit are the solution. Maintenance and failures are reduced as there are no mechanical moving parts. It self-monitors for buildup and alerts you if it is compromised. And with the Nivotester switching unit, you can remotely proof test from the safety of the control room with the push of just one button.

TURCK Chartwell - Overmolded Connectivity Solution for J1939 Deutsch Applications

Turck has released an overmolded connectivity solution for J1939 Deutsch applications. The fully assembled solution increases longevity and durability while reducing installation time. The newly designed offering provides an ideal solution for mobile equipment and oil and gas applications, where environmental factors such as shock, vibration, cold temperatures, moisture, and oils can affect performance. Thanks to its overmolded design, extremelife jacketing, IP67 rating, and extreme cold weather performance, they provide additional reinforcement, abrasion and oil resistance, and superior performance in a ready-to-use solution.

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