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Welcome to the White Paper Xchange for October 2016
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Make the Right Maintenance Decisions with Sensors That Learn


Plant safety and process integrity rely on analytical sensors operating correctly, which means sensors must be kept in good condition. But knowing exactly when to maintain, service or replace a probe has often been very imprecise. Now, measurement loops that utilize intelligent sensors that learn from your processes take all guesswork out of maintenance decisions. Find out how you can ensure data from your measurement points is always accurate and reliable and extend service life thanks to optimized maintenance scheduling with the latest sensor technology from METTLER TOLEDO.

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How To Choose Meters & Controllers For Pressure & Flow

White Paper - Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

More than 100,000 Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments are in operation around the world. They help monitor the air you breathe, prepare the food you eat, build the products you buy and make the world a safer place. Alicat’s product lines include mass flow meters and mass flow controllers, pressure controllers and digital pressure gauges for gases and liquids. Their devices are available in thousands of possible configurations to ensure that the instrument you receive is the right fit for your application. In this article, you will receive an overview of Alicat’s product offerings.

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Colorado Oil and Gas Producer Uses Mass Flowmeters for Wellhead Allocation

White Paper - Krohne

A Colorado energy producer is taking advantage of new Coriolis mass flowmeter technology that ensures both stable and uninterrupted measurements of oil with high gas content. The new meter is cost effective, rugged, and reliable technology that helps them meet investors’ needs for accurate and reliable well allocation measurement information.

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Wash Away Your Tank Cleaning Challenges

White Paper - John Brooks Company

The cleaning of industrial vessels has long been a challenge. Liquids, granules and powders of all sorts are contained in these vessels, many of which are viscous and prone to blockages or clogging. Stubborn soils or residues may linger from certain chemicals. The consequences of improper cleaning are ultimately reflected in the company’s bottom line.

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The Changing Face of Console Design

White Paper - Winsted

The emergence of new technologies, new ergonomic standards and increased public awareness of workplace health issues have combined to inspire a dramatic shift in console design. Today's control workstations are smaller, more functional and more aesthetically appealing than earlier generations.

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How to use a Liquid Monitoring and Sampling Station to Increase Process Efficiency

White Paper - Endress+Hauser

Water sampling has been required since the 1980s. Every water and wastewater utility or business holding a permit employs some kind of technique or equipment to acquire water samples, and a method to analyze the samples according to guidelines. While some plants still take manual samples, in many cases, automatic water samplers are used. The vast majority of existing stationary automatic water samplers are used mainly to meet local permit requirements. These samplers are designed to minimize effects on the chemical and physical integrity of the sample, and to ensure adequate storage conditions until they can be analyzed in the laboratory.

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Excellent Signal Focusing Makes Radar Level Measurement Successful in Butane Sphere

White Paper - VEGA

When a Canadian refinery was looking for a new measurement technology, some suppliers looked at the combination of a ball valve and an unreflective product and passed on the opportunity. Undeterred, VEGA Americas suggested the refinery install a VEGAPULS 64. Discover how the radar sensor exceeded all expectations to deliver accurate, reliable level measurement in this challenging application.

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Does Your Scale Pay You Back?

White Paper - VishayPG - BLH Canada

A significant point effecting cost of ownership that is not often taken into account at time of system specification and purchase, is downtime. How long does it take to resume production on a typical system failure? If knowing exactly when a failure has occurred is not important, and you can wait hours or days for a component replacement, then any standard commercial weigh system will do. If, however, an incorrect weight signal has an immediate impact on product quality, or a failure results in costly downtime, then an industrial weigh system from BLH Nobel should be considered.

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