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Welcome to the White Paper Xchange for May 2017
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Inventory Management Using Multiple Point Measurement

White Paper - BinMaster

Many devices are available on the market today for detecting the level of materials in bins, tanks and silos. However, for calculating what’s in inventory sometimes level data just isn’t enough. To estimate the amount of material on hand and the dollar value of that inventory, a single measurement point might not be enough data to calculate an accurate volume estimate. Due to their tendency to form irregular topography in the silo, this can be especially true in powders and solids because many don’t tend to flow freely. If inventory volume is based upon a single measurement from a single point in the silo, the volume estimate has the potential of being very inaccurate. For accurate "binventory" multiple point measurement may be the best solution. Discover whether level or volume are what your operation needs and about the sensors that can help you meet your operational goals.

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Gamma Density Measurement & Calibration

White Paper - Endress+Hauser

As mines are often located in areas with limited water resources, it is crucial to monitor the quality of the slurry with a density measurement to efficiently apply the available water in the production process. The high solids content of the slurry makes it very abrasive and additionally the chemicals used to separate the ores also make the slurry very aggressive against the process equipment. Radiometric measurement is applied when other technologies fail, for example when invasive measurement techniques may not be considered due to abrasive process media. So far other known technologies still do not work under these conditions, whereas the radiometric density measurement provides a reliable and stable density signal.

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Buying The Right Temperature Calibration Bath

White Paper - Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

Most bath manufacturers tell you as little as possible about their baths' performance. Some won't publish stability specs, and some are so elusive about the meaning of their specs that you can only conclude they've got something to hide. In this whitepaper, you will gain valuable insights on how to buy the right temperature calibration bath.

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Sit/Stand Consoles

White Paper - Winsted

With the benefits of moving around individual work areas, more workstation options are being offered, such as Winsted’s Impulse Dual Sit/Stand Consoles, the Ascend Sit/Stand Control Room Consoles and the Horizon Workstation. Each system provides beneficial features that give employees flexibility in how they choose to find physical movement and comfort during their daily work routines. Employers also benefit from the physical diversity with increased overall productivity.

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What Flow Technology Can I Use to Measure This?

White Paper - Krohne

The amount of instrumentation on the market today to measure flow is mind boggling. Making the decision on what technology to use can be daunting, many experienced plant personnel either use what they are comfortable with or count on their supplier (salesperson) to help them out with different technologies. This White Paper asks you to consider the questions you need to ask in the beginning of the decision making process that could lead you down the path to successfully choosing measurement devices.

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Guided Wave Radar:
Today's Vanguard in Level Measurement

White Paper - Magnetrol

Guided wave radar (GWR) is the preferred choice for many level measurement applications. Advanced GWR transmitters provide superior signal-to-noise ration and overfill capability that allows level measurement all the way up to the face of the process flange. Discover the utility of GWR transmitters for a wide range of applications.

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For Chemical Operators: 3 Reasons to Use 80 GHz Radar for Liquid Level Measurement

White Paper - Vega Americas

Chemical processors have an array of technologies to choose from for liquid level measurement. This paper by Greg Tischler, Product Manager at VEGA Americas, explains how 80 GHz radar sensors are separating themselves from the rest of the pack.

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