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Welcome to the White Paper Xchange for June 2017
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Level the Future! Solutions for Improved Reliability, Safety & Profitability

White Paper - ABB Measurement

Why Level Measurement? Smarter measurement supports safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations, improving uptime and extending service-life, whichever the industry sector be, and behind the scenes, it is also helping to keep worldwide infrastructure operating reliably, day-in and day-out. The importance of level measurement in this context cannot be overstated whether be it for Industrial Process Measurement & Control or in Inventory Tank Gauging.

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Logic Solver for Tank Overfill Protection

White Paper - Moore Industries

A growing level of attention has recently been given to the automated control of potentially hazardous processes such as the overpressure or containment of dangerous substances. Several independent protection methods provide measures to reduce the risk from such hazards to personnel, the environment and assets. A significant level of this risk reduction is allocated to safety instrumented functions (SIF). The integrity of the safety instrumented system (SIS) to perform these functions (known as functional safety) is therefore critical and the requirements for determining and achieving functional safety are given in IEC 61511-1. This standard is now adopted as the predominant worldwide standard for such systems in the process industry.

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State-of-the-art Technology in Flowmeter Verification for Water and Waste Water

White Paper - Endress+Hauser

The water industry is undertaking great effort to ensure high levels of process reliability, consistent quality and accurate billing of water. There is also an increasing need to prove that operations are economically and environmentally sustainable. State-of-the-art measuring technology is the key to ensuring these values, since it is well-known for ensuring highly stable measurement results over a long period of time. Despite this, it is common practice to inspect quality related measuring points at regular intervals.

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Are you getting the most from your pH sensors?
Good Operating Procedures Guide for pH Sensors


pH is the most common liquid process analytical parameter. Its measurement and control are important across the process industries. Many developments have been introduced to improve sensor measurement accuracy, durability and ease of use. Today, pH sensors for industrial use are high performance devices, tailored for specific applications. Is it possible to have greater measurement accuracy and performance? Our Good Operating Procedures Guide has the answers.

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Tirez-vous le maximum de vos sondes de pH?
Bonnes procédures d'utilisation des sondes de pH


Le pH est le paramètre d'analyse industrielle liquide le plus courant. Sa mesure ou son contrôle sont importants dans toutes les industries de production. Beaucoup de modifications ont été apportées pour améliorer la précision de mesure, la longévité et la facilité d'utilisation de ces sondes. Aujourd'hui, les sondes de pH industrielles sont des dispositifs hautes performances, conçues sur mesure pour des applications spécifiques. Est-ce possible d'obtenir de meilleures précisions de mesures et performances? Notre guide des bonnes procédures d'utilisation vous donnera les réponses.

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Rotronic Humidity Theory eBook

White Paper - Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

Humidity is a difficult measurement to make. The best way to make a more reliable, repeatable and accurate measurement is to understand the parameter you are measuring. This eBook from Rotronic is designed to provide the fundamentals of humidity measurement and science. Whether you are a scientist or practitioner, this eBook will help you make a better measurement.

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Connectivity for Harsh Environments

White Paper - TURCK Chartwell

Moving industrial processing trailers to field locations places this specialized equipment in extreme environments, with exposure to wide temperatures ranges, UV exposure and constant vibration during transit. In the face of these challenges, one oil and gas trailer manufacturer noticed its connectivity components were consistently breaking as part of routine transportation and installation. The company needed to upgrade to more robust cables and connectors.

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What Flow Technology Can I Use to Measure This?

White Paper - Krohne

The amount of instrumentation on the market today to measure flow is mind boggling. Making the decision on what technology to use can be daunting, many experienced plant personnel either use what they are comfortable with or count on their supplier (salesperson) to help them out with different technologies. This White Paper asks you to consider the questions you need to ask in the beginning of the decision making process that could lead you down the path to successfully choosing measurement devices.

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Commissioning Substation Busbars in an Efficient and Modern Way

White Paper - BHD Instrumentation

The commissioning procedure of substation busbars for differential protection and other busbar protection schemes involves a large number of input and output circuits that require a verification check in both the primary and secondary circuits. This large amount of data adds up to electrical arameter measurements which are related to polarity, the transformation ratio, and the identification of the CTs connected to these protections. This document describes new ways and methods on how this test can be achieved, by using a combination of modern electronically controlled three-phase primary injection equipment, with an accurate and stable output, along with digital three phase relay, that have reading and recording capability.

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Advantages of Thermal Dispersion Switches for Pump Protection

White Paper - Magnetrol

Thermal dispersion switches have many advantages over more traditional methods of pump protection. These switches have no moving parts and offer low flow detection and temperature compensation for more repeatable measurement. Read the white paper to learn how thermal dispersion switches can protect your pumps.

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HARTING MICA – The fast, easy way to connect to the Industrial Internet

White Paper - HARTING Canada

The HARTING MICA allows an easy way to connect to a wide range of “Things” in the Industrial Internet of Things: machine tools, manufacturing processes, RFID readers, sensors, smart infrastructure, and much more.

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