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Welcome to the White Paper Xchange for Mid-November
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Rotronic eBook- Humidity Measurement Instrument Comparison

White Paper - Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

In a captivating study, Rotronic designed a cutting-edge way to compare humidity testing instruments. This involved the creation of a high-tech climate system that generated precise relative humidity levels at different temperatures. It also provided simultaneous testing of multiple devices in a uniform environment. Not only did it offer stable temperature and humidity conditions, it provided a fair and impartial environment for comparison. The final results of the study were fascinating!

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Technology in Flowmeter Verification for the Water and Waste Water Industry

White Paper - Endress+Hauser

The water industry is undertaking great effort to ensure high levels of process reliability, consistent quality and accurate billing of water. There is also an increasing need to prove that operations are economically and environmentally sustainable. State-of-the-art measuring technology is the key to ensuring these values, since it is well-known for ensuring highly stable measurement results over a long period of time. Despite this, it is today common practice to inspect quality related measuring points at regular intervals.

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Ultrasonic vs. Differential Pressure Flowmeters for High Pressure Steam Service

White Paper - Krohne

Renewable energy poses well-publicized opportunities in the quest to reduce fossil fuel consumption and global warming. However rarely mentioned are the new challenges associated with increasingly more frequent startups, shutdowns and load changes on conventional power plants. An increasingly variable production rate is necessary to balance the dynamic nature of renewable energy production which can be influenced each day by the availability of sunlight or wind, for example. One specific new challenge is the measurement of steam flow during these dramatic power boiler load changes.

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Using MODBUS for Process Control and Automation

White Paper - Moore Industries

MODBUS is the most popular industrial protocol being used today, for good reasons. It is simple, inexpensive, universal and easy to use. Even though MODBUS has been around since the past century, nearly 30 years, almost all major industrial instrumentation and automation equipment vendors continue to support it in new products. Although new analyzers, flowmeters and PLCs may have a wireless, Ethernet or fieldbus interface, MODBUS is still the protocol that most vendors choose to implement in new and old devices.

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