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MSA issues inspection notice for male UAC/Quick-Fill Couplers

Don Horne   


MSA is issuing the attached Product Information Notice (PIN 10198424) for inspection of SCBA male Universal Air Connection (UAC)/Quick-Fill Couplers.

All MSA customers are to perform the steps in the attached Product Information Notice (PIN) at the following times at a minimum (more frequent performance is acceptable):

1. Upon initial receipt of this Inspection Notice;
2. After each time that a connection is made to a UAC/Quick-Fill Coupler; and
3. During annual flow check.

This applies to all models of MSA SCBA, RIT Kits, and portable air-supply systems.


MSA previously issued a July 14, 2016 Safety Notice related to UAC and Quick-Fill Hose Fittings. This was issued as a result of manufacturing inconsistencies identified by our supplier in response to field reports concerning the inability to connect female Quick-Fill fittings with male UAC fittings. In the Safety Notice, MSA informed SCBA customers of the need to replace UAC and Quick-Fill Hose Fittings within limited manufacturing date ranges.

The July 14, 2016 Safety Notice also included a test procedure that could be employed for temporary use of UAC and Quick-Fill Hose Fittings within the manufacturing date ranges until replacements were obtained.

Given the importance of these components in emergency situations and as a result of our continuous improvement activities, MSA has determined that an enhanced and simplified version of this test procedure must be performed on male UAC/Quick-Fill Couplings at regular inspection intervals throughout the life of all MSA SCBA, RIT Kits, and portable air supply systems.

The attached PIN details the steps necessary to perform the inspection.

An initial inspection is to be done upon receipt of this Inspection Notice. Subsequent to this initial inspection, inspections are to be done during annual flow check AND after each time that a connection is made to a UAC or Quick-Fill Hose Fitting. An inspection is required after any and all connections, including, but not limited to, connections made during training and trans-fill operations. These are the minimum requirements. More frequent inspections are acceptable. A tool is required to perform the inspection. To request a tool, please contact MSA Customer Service at 1-866-672-0005.

Contact MSA Issues Resolution Group at 1-866-672-6977 to arrange for replacement of any fittings that do not pass the inspection. MSA will provide under warranty replacements for any fittings with manufacturing dates since 2007. The manufacturing date can be identified by the date code, which is marked on the fitting (see attached photo). The first three digits of the date code are in Julian Date format
for the specified year, which is indicated by the next two digits. For example, a fitting that is marked “06018” would have been manufactured on March 1, 2018. If the date code on the fitting has a sixth digit for the shift, read the first five digits.

MSA Customer Service Contact Information:
If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact MSA Customer Service as follows:
• U.S., Canada, or U.S. Territories – 1-866-672-0005 or by email at:
• Outside the U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territories – 724-776-8626 or by email at:


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