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Pulp & Paper: WWF issues report card on industry's footprint

April 3, 2016

Canada’s pulp and paper producers know full well that third-party evaluation of a company’s environmental stewardship can be a two-edged sword. However, one such report card on the pulp and paper industry worth considering is the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF)

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Technical Profile: Simplifying shutdown safety

March 20, 2016

Planned shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STO) are often scheduled for preventative maintenance and new equipment installation that must be performed to keep a plant running and in regulatory compliance. To minimize production downtime, this work must be completed within a

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Water Treatment : The procrastination factor

March 6, 2016

Last issue, I wrote about our aging infrastructure, and the process our governments take when choosing which projects to support, delay or abandon. This time, I will be talking more specifically about what happens when governments delay or abandon —

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Brooks Instrument appoints McAdoo Flow-systems as representative for British Columbia

February 16, 2016

Brooks Instrument has appointed McAdoo Flow-systems as their exclusive sales representative in British Columbia effective March 1st, 2016. McAdoo Flow-systems specializes in the sale of industrial process equipment and engineered solutions. McAdoo Flow-systems comes with proven practical experience and highly

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Technology Profile: Staying connected

February 14, 2016

Imagine the potential of reliable mobile satellite connectivity supported by IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology to drive business? Almost 10 times faster data speeds, greater throughput, increased productivity and built-in flexibility to support new technology and feature sets? Now imagine

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Technology Profile: Solar-powered Solution

January 31, 2016

Uncertain times can breed unprecedented innovation. In the case of Calgary-based energy company Imaginea Energy Corp., however, thinking outside of the box is just part of doing business. The two-year-old company, in collaboration with solar EPC firm SkyFire Energy, has

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Pulp & Paper: Trade agreements offer hope for some

January 17, 2016

Flip open the business section of any Canadian newspaper these days, and it’s difficult not to find something about a number of monumental trade agreements that Canada is in the midst of negotiating. All have new rules related to trade

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ADI Process Solutions Ltd now official distribution partner of ITT Goulds Pumps

January 3, 2016

ADI Process Solutions Ltd is now the Alberta Pulp & Paper market official distribution partner of ITT Goulds Pumps, offering the complete line of Goulds Pumps products, replacement parts, and aftermarket services to address all of your industrial pump needs.

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Water Treatment: Aging infrastructure a shared responsibility

January 3, 2016

As we start to more closely look at the impacts of our actions on the environment, and determine the level to which we find a balance, we will, inevitably, be looking to regulation and membership associations to lead the way

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Infrastructure improvements key to SaskWater's plans moving forward

December 13, 2015

Earlier this year, RBC’s eighth annual Canadian Water Attitudes Study revealed that water quality is second only to hospitals in terms of what Canadians want their taxes to fund — ahead of roads, schools and public transit. As expected, concerns