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NWT, Nunavut and Yukon road infrastructure gets a boost

Don Horne   


Ottawa has announced an investment of $828,300 to better manage winter roads, access roads and trails located in the territories, in winter conditions.

Projects in the North receiving funding are supporting northern transportation infrastructure such as ports, airports, all-season roads and bridges, and are enhancing safety, security, economic and/or social development in Canada’s three territories.

“Our government has demonstrated a clear commitment to the North. The resiliency of our transportation system is critical to our economic growth and social development. This project will provide greater connectivity for Northerners and improve safety for communities in the Northwest Territories,” says Michael McLeod, MP for Northwest Territories.

The projects are also addressing the unique and urgent transportation needs in Canada’s territorial North, such as access to markets, economic opportunities, communities and essential services despite difficult terrain and severe climate conditions, and the high cost of construction along Canada’s northern trade corridors.


The University of Toronto will lead in the development of a user-friendly, web-based tool to provide information on winter road and trail networks such as physical characteristics, climate data and detailed maps.

These investments, from the Ottawa‘s National Trade Corridors Fund, will have important economic and employment benefits for Canada.

Territorial and municipal governments, Indigenous groups, not-for-profit and for-profit private-sector organizations, and federal Crown Corporations and agencies are all eligible for funding under the National Trade Corridors Fund.


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