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Ottawa urged to review economic blowback from proposed Clean Fuel Standard

Don Horne   


Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is concerned with the potential economic consequences of the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) on Canadian businesses and communities, calling on Ottawa to proceed with a fully-costed economic review of its CFS plan.

“The C.D. Howe report, released today, raises alarming concerns regarding the impact of CFS on Canadian businesses. It reaffirms CME’s earlier findings that CFS could have far reaching consequences on manufacturers, specifically those in trade-exposed sectors,” said Dennis Darby, President & CEO of CME, commenting on the report titled Speed Bump Ahead: Ottawa Should Drive Slowly on Clean Fuel Standard. “Manufacturers are calling on the government to work closely with industry to conduct a full review and economic analysis of the potential impact of the CFS before moving further forward.”

The CFS will have an impact on industry well beyond transportation fuels to include stationary, home and industrial use fuels, Darby pointed out, and these impacts are not well understood because of the lack of publicly available analysis completed to date.

“That is why CME is pleased to see the much-needed independent research undertaken by the C.D. Howe Institute whose mission is to raise living standards by fostering economically sound public policies,” he said.


The best, and proven, solution for reducing emissions remains investment in new technology, not forcing costly and uncertain regulatory measures on industry, added Darby.

“CME supports government efforts to reduce GHG emissions and, looks forward to working with the government on solutions that will benefit both the environment and the economy,” he said.

The C.D. Howe study can be found here.



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