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Able to deal with tough solids

February 13, 2018   Don Horne

Heavy duty flap pumps from York Fluid Controls can deal with tough solids. York fluid Controls recently began distributing Sandpiper’s Signature Series line of air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. This includes a variety of heavy duty flap pumps, which are designed to handle solid materials and abrasive slurries with better suction. These pumps are capable of handling up to 76 millimetres of solids. SA1 Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps are recommended for abrasive slurries, suspended and non-suspended solids and line-size solids. All SANDPIPER® Heavy Duty Flap Pumps are configured with bottom discharge porting to prevent settling solids from shortening pump life and provide superior suction lift. SA1 pumps are thick wall constructed of sand casted aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel with elastomer and TPE (thermal plastic elastomer) diaphragms and check valves.


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