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Bi-spectral thermal imaging camera system measure body temp

Don Horne   

Process Sensors’ New Model PSC-400FCS is a unique, bi-spectral (IR+VIS) and intelligent motion detection, face recognition thermal imaging camera system with real-time body/skin temperature measurement software. The PSC-400FCS utilizes an uncooled UFPA (Vox) detector.

The PSC-400FCS easily screens a moving group of individuals for elevated skin temperature and is designed for high volume traffic areas and crowds, as well as single individual identification. Automatic alarms (both visual and audio) sound when skin temperature exceeds a preset high alarm value.

When evaluated against our competitors’ standard thermal imaging cameras, the PSC-400FCS out-performs them all. Some of the benefits of the PSC system are as follows:  It can measure 16 faces per second, simultaneously in an area 9.8 feet wide by 16 feet deep, providing more information over a larger area. The camera’s face recognition and motion detection features can measure temperature of people in motion and saves face images automatically with temperature data. The camera provides high accuracy measurements of 0.54°F/0.3°C. It can be used as a stand-alone camera with a PC or connected to a browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox and provide a live streaming image that can be viewed anywhere. There are two onboard camera alarms for switching of 12VDC or 24VAC that can activate a visual or audio alarm or be fed to a PLC to open a door or gate. The camera offers three temperature modes – low, normal, and high. It indicates faces that are too cold and need rescreening. The PSC-400FCS can be repurposed as a security system. Pricing is value driven and generally lower than that of the competition.

Comprehensive, intuitive software is included with the system. It displays real-time temperature, body motion detection, Delta T, and automatic display of maximum temperature in seventeen different color palettes. The PSC-400FCS runs on a standard Microsoft Windows PC and is simple to install and operate.

The camera boasts ≤ 40mk thermal sensitivity and precision system accuracy with the use of the supplied blackbody reference source allowing the camera to achieve a higher accuracy than just the camera alone. It operates in the 8 to 14µm spectral range.

Camera software, a precision blackbody reference source, mounting brackets, and ethernet cable are included in the system.


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