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Coated gloves provide less waste, better grip

August 28, 2020   Don Horne

Aquila coated gloves for non-medical use with less waste and better grip properties

In non-medical consumer and industrial situations, it is often highly advantageous for users to wear ultra-fine nitrile coated washable gloves, like the multi-use Aquila NR18E, which offer many benefits in terms of health, hygiene and a cleaner environment.

Wearing gloves means no hand touching and reduced problems from frequent hand washing, plus the breathable qualities of the coating make them more comfortable than completely sealed disposables such as Nitrile, Vinyl or latex gloves.

The extended life of these washable coated gloves means that for so many domestic, retail, office or industrial situations there is no need to use non-recyclable one-time-use throw-aways, which will clearly cause a major environmental crisis in years to come. Aquila offer a better solution with their coated gloves which can be washed during and between uses, enabling a valuable extended lifetime. Aquila contend that for many, if not most situations, a lightweight coated glove is far preferable to a regime that requires rejection to landfill after a short period – such as at each leisure break – a process that consigns to the environment huge quantities of non-degradable plastic.

A coating like fine nitrile on the NR18E provides extra grip where it is needed in specific roles or more generally, e.g. in a factory assembly or service environment, or outdoors in a range of weather conditions. The Aquila range of coated gloves includes different dips and finishes, such as latex, nitrile, sand – by dipping the whole glove or just the fingers and palm to achieve a balance between grip and dexterity.

Aquila gloves are available with flexible but grippy coatings over the whole glove for grip and liquid protection or just the fingers/palm for lightness and to enable gripping of small parts. Where larger cables or metal rods etc must be handled in wet, muddy or oily conditions – then a sandy coating is available.

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