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EB 2.0 ECO Chiller reduces energy usage, operating costs

September 9, 2020   Don Horne

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Pfannenberg, Inc. announces that its new EB 2.0 ECO Chiller utilizes compressor inverter technology to reduce power consumption up to 65 per cent and lower operating costs.

Inverter technology in the compressor works to ensure a direct response to cooling demand, thus minimizing energy waste for more environmentally-friendly and lower cost operation. This responsiveness to cooling demand also increases the range of cooling capacity significantly – by 50-100 per cent – and extends the product’s lifespan. Designed for indoor and outdoor operation, the new chiller design is perfectly suited for heat dissipation in combination with passive indoor cooling systems (PWS/PWW).

The new EB 2.0 ECO Chiller features a hot gas bypass refrigerant circuit, internal hydraulic bypass circuit, and non-ferrous hydraulic circuit. The electrical tank level switch and coolant flow switch simplify operation, along with the programmable smart controller and wired remote control. The new EB 2.0 ECO Chiller uses R410a environmentally friendly refrigerant, and features a micro-channel condenser for greater resistance to dirt and debris buildup in outdoor environments, and thus more efficient operation over time.

Pfannenberg’s new chiller product design is based on customized units that have been proven to deliver high performance, efficient operation, and reduced costs in industrial applications all over Europe.

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