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Explosion-proof, marine-approved fluorescent fixture

May 28, 2018   Don Horne

Larson Electronics LLC has announced the release of an explosion proof fluorescent light fixture approved for hazardous locations where flammable chemical and petrochemical vapours may exist. This explosion proof fixture has a t6 temperature rating and carries a paint spray booth certification, making it ideal for oil rigs, chemical storage, water treatment plants, food processing and other manufacturing.

The EPL-24-2L-INTL-20WT8 fixture from Larson Electronics is a two-foot, two lamp, 40-watt fluorescent fixture that produces 3,118 lumens of top quality hazardous location light that will reduce operating costs, improve light quality and reduce frequent servicing interval downtime. This hazardous area fluorescent fixture is universal voltage and operates on any voltage from 120V to 277V AC 50/60hz without any modifications.

The EPL-24-2L-INTL-20WT8 features F20-T8 lamps, which are protected by heat and impact resistant Pyrex tubes. The fixtures are constructed of copper-free aluminum alloy, and the lamp reflectors are corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum with high gloss reflective coating. With a WL 1598 Marine and UL 595 Outdoor Marine (Saltwater) certifications, this fluorescent is perfect for marine and water applications.

Mounting options include an adjustable surface mount which allows operators to reposition the light fixture without removing the mount brackets, and pendant mounting, which allows the unit to be hung from the ceiling.

“This unit is perfect for use in marine environments,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “It holds both UL 595 and UL 1598 marine certifications, along with an ip67 waterproof rating. It is also listed for paint spray booths and California Title 24 compliant, providing operators in hazardous rugged locations with a reliable and affordable, compact lighting solution.”

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