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Fire suppression without the toxicity

Don Horne   

Amtrust Biochemical introduces FlameOut+ Foam Fire Suppressor, the first environmentally friendly foam fire solution.

It is a 100 per cent organic/non-toxic (No PFOA, PFOS, PFAS), non-corrosive/HALON replacement.

Throughout the world, there is heightened concern about the long-lasting toxic effects of using standard foam suppressants. The toxic chemicals emitted from foam products today are carcinogenic and pollute water tables. The times of sacrificing abatement performance vs. toxicity concerns are over.

After 16+ years of research and development, Amtrust Biochemical has finally delivered a new proprietary formula that is a proven solution to an industry-wide problem.

FlameOut+ is both environmentally safe and effective. It is considered to be an “all in one” solution across all classes of fire foam.

  • US EPA Listed as a HALON replacement
  • USFS Listed for Wildland/Forest Fire Fighting Agent
  • Used by Federally Supplied Fire Fighting Agencies

In a recent field test alongside an Industry leading ARFFF foam, FlameOut+ excelled with superior knock-down times. Testing was performed at Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Fire Department training facility. Applying a .1-1 per cent solution on a Class A Fire and a three per cent solution on Class B fires. The division fire chief on scene stated, “Overall a great test…we’re looking forward to working more with FlameOut+.

Watch a video of this testimonial: FlameOut+ Testimonial: Sun Prarie WI Fire Department

Regarding FlameOut+’s effectiveness, an industry expert recently stated that “Once people see a live demonstration and just how effective FlameOut+ is on grease, diesel and wood it sells itself based on performance.”

Despite common budgetary concerns surrounding most environmentally friendly products, FlameOut+ is priced competitively, and a percentage of all proceeds will go to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.


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