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First polyurethane, two-component, spray-applied waterproofing membrane

November 28, 2019   Don Horne

Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of spray polyurethane materials, has announced the certification of Hygrothane, Canada’s first spray-applied, two-component, polyurethane-based waterproofing membrane.

Hygrothane is a complete, polyurea-based membrane system that is applied at high pressure. When cured, it forms a seamless, monolithic waterproofing membrane on below-grade concrete foundation walls. The durable and flexible formula is made with 100 per cent solids, can be applied at below-freezing temperatures and contains no VOCs.

Foundation waterproofing can be an extremely time-consuming and challenging procedure. Traditional systems, such as peel and stick and sheet membranes pose the risk of inconsistent seams that may lead to subsequent water build-up. Other drawbacks include the need for additional coatings that require further application and curing time. Meanwhile, other liquid-applied formulas are primarily water-based, which means that they face limitations at below-freezing weather conditions.

Hygrothane solves these problems by offering a smooth, one-step application that eliminates the use of primers, long curing times, and delays. It performs in below-freezing temperatures, which makes it ideal for all-season construction and challenging northern locations. The spray-applied liquid cures to form a solid membrane, eliminating seams or joints, which addresses the most common areas where waterproofing tends to fail. The buildable formula can be applied on irregular surfaces and is ideal for applications where complete coverage with a sheet membrane is unlikely. Foundations sprayed with Hygrothane can be backfilled in under one hour post-application.

“In today’s market, new building materials have to do more than perform,” said John Volk, General Manager of Elastochem, “They also have to speak to the pressing needs of the time-strapped builder and contractor. Hygrothane is a one-step system that can adapt to Canada’s varying climate and will help reduce construction schedules.”

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