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Flow sensors install without depressurizing the pipe

Don Horne   

GetImage97Muis Controls offers these “hot tap” versions of the proven TX insertion flow sensors. They are designed to install or be serviced without depressurizing the pipe. Like all TX sensors, they have a turbine rotor and jewel bearings for superior low-flow performance. Rotation of the rotor is detected by a non-drag Hall-effect sensor, which interfaces easily with many types of electronic control. A display, divider, or analog transmitter can be installed on the end of the sensor, or the signal can be sent without amplification for hundreds of feet to remote electronics. Insertion and removal under pressure is possible due to the 2" full-port isolation valve, which comes with a nipple for installation on the pipe fitting. If it is necessary to do the initial installation under pressure, any standard hot tap drilling machine with 2" NPT adapter, such as a Transmate or a Mueller, can be used. Ordinarily, it is not necessary to use an installation tool, since the small-diameter tube can be controlled by hand at all but the highest pressures.


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