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Flowmeter for process gas applications

March 19, 2015   Don Horne

GetImage23The OPTISONIC 7300 universal ultrasonic gas flowmeter from Krohne is designed for process gas applications. It provides an economic solution for gas flow measurement in process and auxiliary measurements in oil and gas refineries, the chemical and the petrochemical industry and non custody transfer natural gas applications. It’s a 2-beam ultrasonic flowmeter with excellent long term measurement stability and repeatability. Class 1, Div 1 approved, it delivers high performance over a wide bi-directional flow range of ± 30 m/s (± 90 ft/s) with 1% accuracy. As standard, it uses titanium transducers which equalize process fluctuations and avoid acoustic feedback. Stainless steel transducers are available on request. The maintenance-free design with no moving parts in the flow sensor and the wide range of applications make using the device particularly cost-effective.

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