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Kinitics Automation reveals the KVA Valve Actuator

Don Horne   

Kinitics Automation Limited announces the launch of the KVA Valve Actuator, the newest product in the company’s line of actuators.

The KVA is a shape memory alloy-based valve actuator that uses proprietary Bundled Wire technology to maintain precise control of gas and fluids in process control applications.

Designed to replace traditional pneumatic and electric actuators, it can be mated to a wide variety of globe valves.

The KVA eliminates the backlash of traditional gearboxes

The Bundled Wire technology used in the KVA allows for a robust drivetrain with only one moving part. The innovative mechanics develops smooth motion and generates force in a purely linear way, eliminating the mechanical backlash and slop inherent in traditional gearboxes.

Designed to meet the needs of the energy industry

The KVA was developed in response to the natural gas industries need for a zero-bleed actuator that can fail closed in the event of a power or signal interruption. The KVA fully complies with incoming environmental regulations while eliminating the reliance on process gas.

Its valve seating force is provided by a compression spring for dependable mechanical closure without the use of motors and with only one moving part. Engineered to handle continuous throttling, the KVA can be powered from a variety of AC and DC power sources.

About Kinitics Automation

Based near Vancouver, BC, Kinitics Automation is a leading company in the development of motion control products using shape memory alloy materials. Kinitics manufactures its own line of Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps based on the company’s Bundled Wire technology, which generates precise linear motion in an electrically operated, compact package without using motors, and requires little infrastructure to implement. These breakthrough products enable new automation opportunities and allow companies to upgrade existing systems to an all-electric solution.


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