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MACHINE-GARD P-350 ideal for pulp & paper mill cleaning

Don Horne   

Madison Chemical introduces MACHINE-GARD 350 LP, a liquid, strongly alkaline paper mill system cleaner.

Formulated to remove a wide variety of typical paper mill soils, including paper stock, slime, pitch, resins, and more, it is completely soluble in cold or warm water, making it preferable over powdered system cleaners.  This proven product may be used to clean any piece of equipment in a paper mill where the soil will respond to an alkaline cleaner, and a liquid cleaner is preferred, such as suction-press rolls, save-alls, cylinders, wires, etc.

In addition, MACHINE-GARD P-350 LF can be used to clean 100 per cent synthetic felts where an alkaline cleaner is indicated by the analysis of felt loading soils.  It cleans more effectively than caustic soda alone and is ideal for pulp and paper mills of all types and sizes, including newsprint, tissue, board, and fine-paper mills.

Depending upon the size of the paper machine system, 1-2 drums of MACHINE-GARD P-350 LF are required to thoroughly clean the system (1/4 to ½ per cent by volume).  This can be added to the pulper, machine chest, or wire pit as desired.  For felt cleaning, use 2 – 5 per cent by volume of water. For equipment cleaning, use 2 – 10 per cent by volume of water.  Water temperatures of 120°F to 160°F are recommended.  Follow with a clear water rinse.

Safe on ferrous and cuprous metals when used as directed. Unsafe on aluminum, zinc, and diecast.


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