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New benchtop pressure controller

May 1, 2016   Don Horne

srp 0516The new ADT780S benchtop pressure controller from SRP control systems offers precision accuracy to 0.005% of reading + 0.005% FS and standard accuracy to 0.02% FS. The ADT780 configurations can generate pressure to 3,000 psi (200 bar) without a gas supply. By utilizing an electric pump, this unit produces pressures to 1,000 psi (70 bar) and with an electric pump and gas booster to 3,000 psi (200 bar). Each unit comes with one Intelligent Pressure Module configured to the many range offerings provided. Standard accuracy sensors are certified with a 1 year accuracy of 0.02% FS. External and internal sensors can be used for expanded range and accuracy capability.

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