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New comprehensive oil and gas solutions brochure

Don Horne   

KROHNE announces a new, comprehensive and convenient brochure that showcases their wide range of products, services, and solutions for the gas and oil industry.

Building on a peerless record of exacting standards and cost-efficient services and products, KROHNE has released a streamlined, user-oriented guide to their extensive catalogue of metering and measuring solutions and industrial process instrumentation. This one source portfolio of products, solutions, and services has been designed to facilitate quick and optimized connections between individual customers and their specific needs.

KROHNE offers an extensive range of metering, analyzing, and measurement solutions from the point of concept design to on-site commissioning. KROHNE technologies are designed for seamless integration with third party instrumentations, with dedicated cost-effective KROHNE supervisory and validation software that comes pre-configured and certified.

The KROHNE portfolio of solutions spans the entire gas and oil value chain, offering a wide range of applications from multiphase reservoir measurement to distribution of refined products and natural gas, custody transfer metering systems, and pipeline management systems.

KROHNE metering systems are based on ultrasonic, Coriolis mass, turbine or positive displacement flowmeters to minimize pressure drop, and can be tailored with integrated master meters or ball provers where required.

KROHNE sampling and analyzer systems can be equipped with KROHNE or third party instrumentation. Through one of 100 local offices, KROHNE offers commissioning and site installation with rapid lead times. KROHNE offers a wide range of systems including in-line, fast loop, jet-mixers combined with fast loop, portable shipboard systems, and multi-line systems.

KROHNE systems are designed to analyze gas and liquid samples in the most critical conditions and come complete with pressure reducing station, sample (pre-)conditioning systems, analyzers and conditioning (HVAC or air) suitable for both hazardous and safe areas.

Using expert calibration, KROHNE also provides fully wired and pre-calibrated provers and master meters that can be customized to the specific application range. KROHNE offers end-to-end support on all project phases, including on-site training and site installation.

The full brochure, with additional information, can be accessed through the following link:


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