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Pipe bevelling machine preps two different pipe schedules

April 5, 2022   Don Horne

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A portable pipe beveling tool that can accurately bevel, face, and bore pipes with the same outside diameter but different wall thicknesses has been introduced by Esco Tool.

The Esco Wart MILLHOG Portable Pipe Beveler is a right angle I.D. clamping tool for performing any angle of end prep on 0.75” I.D. to 4” O.D. pipe of different schedules.  Because it mounts securely into the pipe I.D. using a self-centring draw rod assembly, it can bevel, face, and bore different pipe thicknesses simultaneously to help assure high-integrity weld joints.

Producing precise square and beveled pipe ends with ± 0.001” accuracy, the Esco Wart MILLHOG Portable Pipe Beveler lets users weld pipe O.D.s that have different schedules.  Easy to operate, it comes with pneumatic or electric motors, requires no cutting fluids, and is ideally suited for onsite applications.  A wide range of TiN coated blades are available.

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