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Platinum clad anodes provide superior cathodic protection

April 5, 2022   Don Horne

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A line of platinum clad anode products that are metallurgically bonded and void-free to provide long lasting cathodic protection have been introduced by Anomet Products.

Anomet Platinum Clad Anodes feature a full metallurgical bond of platinum or niobium over a copper core and are dimensionally stable for providing impressed current protection with lower operating current densities. Far more durable than mixed metal oxide (MMO) and other plated anodes, they can be supplied as rod, wire, strip, and mesh in a variety of configurations.

Offered in many low-consumption sizes and electrical resistances, Anomet Platinum Clad Anodes can range from 0.021” to 1” dia. (0.5mm to 25.4 mm) as wire and rod with platinum thickness from 10 to 600 micro-inches (0.254µ to 15.24µ), depending upon the application. Available as rolls, squares, and pre-cut circles, the woven mesh can be supplied up to 24” W (609.6mm).

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