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ReNu Source eliminates supply chain pricing and availability woes

March 15, 2022   Don Horne

ReNu Source offers refined packaged vegetable oils such as Canola, HO Soy, and HO Sunflower in sizes from pails to tankers, allowing companies to scale their business growth without the fluctuations of supply chain availability and pricing.

These base oils are Kosher food grade oils and are ready to be used in either food or industrial applications.  They are ideal for start-up to mid-size potato chip plants and lubricant blenders alike. ReNu Source’s team has an agricultural background and has been buying and selling vegetable oils since 1995.  Working with all the major oil refiners to secure the best pricing for the year allows them to pass the savings on to customers purchasing smaller convenient sizes.

ReNu Source packages oils like RBD HO Sunflower, RBD Canola 64, and HO Soy 75 into pails, drums, totes, and tankers as desired by customers, without the inherent fluctuations of market pricing and supply chain availability woes.

“Staying abreast of the base oil market takes time and requires someone who has both market and agricultural experience,” said ReNu Source VP Ben Garmier.  “We work with the refineries to obtain best pricing for the year, thus smoothing out the supply chain hiccups of pricing and availability.  Knowing you have a source at a reasonable price allows customer to scale their business growth.”

ReNu refined packaged vegetable oils are ideal for companies which are blending lubricants, metalworking fluids, quenching fluids, greases and more.  Because they are food grade, they can be used for food processing applications as well.

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