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SEMSoft 60 Software for LANDTEC SEM5000

Don Horne   

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc. announces the new SEMSoft 6.0 software that provides users of the LANDTEC SEM5000 Methane Detector the ability to rapidly download, sort and generate EPA compliant reports based on the device’s readings. The new software system comes with improved the operator experience with significant upgrades.

The LANDTEC SEM5000 methane (CH4) detector sets the standard for fast, accurate surface emissions monitoring (SEM) of landfill methane. SEMSoft 6.0 software has added TAG ID capability to allow users to input site specific location identifications to mark locations within a landfill boundary, with or without GPS data. The user can use named locations to take and record readings, and can use GPS proximity to find the points. Enhanced map integration helps to speed up readings, benefitting tablet users.

Operation enhancement includes calibration adjustment to compensate for chamber clearing. This allows the user more time to remove and replace hoses during gas changes. Overall instrument speed and operation have improved through Bluetooth connectivity enhancement, which improves start-up time and data transfer speed.

Versatile and easy to use, the SEM5000 is a single piece of equipment with a single selector dial that makes function choice simple. The device features an integral GPS. The SEM5000 is lightweight and ergonomic, weighing half as much as other technologies. The carrying case and harness allows for hands-free operation and the LED alarm lights provide notification in the noisiest conditions.

SEMSoft 6.0 user interface software and the SEM5000 surface emissions monitor make the perfect choice for new and experienced users. With customizable location tags, rapid data transfer and EPA compliant report generation, the QED LANDTEC SEM5000 with SEMSoft software is the perfect surface emissions monitoring tool.


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