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Sensors promise reliability and short delivery times

February 14, 2018   Don Horne

NewTek Sensor Solutions is a new source of custom and standard AC- and DC-operated linear position sensors and signal conditions for industrial, aerospace and military applications, especially those with harsh and rugged environments. The collaboration of industry professionals with more than 200 years of combined experience in linear position sensors, NewTek Sensor Solutions addresses the need for reliable LVDTs at a cost-effective price point with short delivery times. Among the LVDTs are:

• AC- and DC-operated LVDTs including standard, miniature, hermetically sealed, high pressure and high temperature designs;

• Spring-loaded Gage heads with measurement ranges up to 4” with right angle designs; and

• LVDT Signal Conditioner Electronics.

NewTek Sensor utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques and high-tech electronics in engineering its high-performance LVDTs. All products are American-manufactured, with many in stock for next day delivery. Unlike many LVDT competitors, the company accepts small to large size orders and manufactures prototypes to spec. The company has in-house product stock and resources to immediately satisfy linear position measurement requirements of many industries including power generation, factory automation, oil and gas exploration, aerospace/mil, chemical processing, subsea oil drilling, automotive testing and dimensional gauging.

“As many companies struggle to attain quality linear position sensors in reasonable timelines, NewTek Sensor Solutions serves many markets as a reputable LVDT source, delivering custom and standard units in promised schedules,” says Tutul Rahman, CEO and Principal Engineer at NewTek Sensor Solutions. “Our technology is backed by an experienced application and engineering staff that serves customers from specification through to start-up.”

NewTek Sensor Solutions

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