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Software suite drives customer success using accelerated automation

Don Horne   

Emerson has announced the release of the Paradigm 19 integrated oil and gas exploration and production software suite, featuring automated workflows that enhance productivity while reducing user effort.

Based on proven science that delivers maximum information about the subsurface, Paradigm 19 optimizes model accuracy, reduces outcome uncertainty and saves costs across the customer’s organization.

This release expands the Paradigm software cloud-hosted solution to include Emerson’s entire exploration and production portfolio. Also available as an on-premise solution, Paradigm 19 continues to deliver advanced software applications while ensuring maximum scalability and performance at all levels of use.

Among the main features of Paradigm 19 are new workflows for interpreters, offering its wide range of technologies in the same integrated platform where day-to-day interpretation is performed. This eliminates the challenges associated with moving data between platforms and minimizes the need to learn new applications, resulting in improved productivity and faster product adoption.

The new release incorporates additional automation to help customers improve performance throughout the E&P process, including the use of machine learning for accelerated interpretation and reservoir characterization. New capabilities include up to 20 per cent higher user productivity for multi-survey and large-scale interpretation and imaging projects, further automation of the tomographic velocity model update process, and a fully automatic reservoir modelling uncertainty workflow.

A new feature incorporating surface outcrop data in Emerson’s multi-survey interpretation system is especially valuable to users working with poor-quality seismic data, particularly in mountainous areas. Powerful new tools in the formation evaluation system make it easier to work with large, multi-well databases and conduct safer drilling.

“In today’s volatile market, enhancing workflow efficiency and improving the accuracy of exploration operations can give oil and gas companies the competitive edge they need to remain profitable,” said Somesh Singh, chief product officer of E&P software for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “The new features and accelerated automation in Paradigm 19 will help to enhance user productivity, leading to better results in a more optimal time frame.”


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