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Surge protection that simplifies wiring arrangements

February 13, 2018   Don Horne

HARTING’s new Han-Modular® Surge Protection Modules make it possible to move surge protection into its most widely used industrial connector series, a space-saving idea that simplifies wiring arrangements. Proper surge protection for Instrumental and Control (I&C) signals usually requires separate, external solutions that add to material and labour costs. The new surge protection (SP) modules for the user-configurable Han-Modular® lineup are an innovative alternative. When used correctly, these modules will reduce the number of operating faults, increase the service life of the production line, and ultimately increase production uptime for better plant operating performance.

pr-566 Han-Modular

SP Modules are among new smart Han® products designed to add new functionality and configuration possibilities to the Han-Modular® lineup, suitable for either conventional manufacturing or Industry 4.0 production concepts. Like any of the more than 100 Han-Modular® modules, installing surge protection modules is fast and simple, generally done as part of the initial connector setup, saving labour expense. There are two types of SP module: a two-channel version for differential signals and four-channel type for signals with common reference potential. Each can transmit nominal 24V DC and up to 0.5 A. The protection level is approximately 50V depending on the type. Transient energy, which can disturb signal circuits and destroy electronic devices, is discharged to the ground via an appropriate spring element and the grounded Han-Modular® Hinged Frame. This ensures interference-free transmission of the signal.


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