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Thermocouples for use General Electric heavy-duty gas turbines

Don Horne   

GetImage96AMETEK Power Instruments has received OEM qualification for its 372A2221 Pxxx Type K thermocouples used on General Electric’s heavy-duty gas turbines. The design of these exhaust gas thermocouples utilizes a specialized quick disconnect that reduces replacement time from hours to minutes along with a hermetic seal of the probe that allows complete submersion during wash down. The 372A2221 Pxxx thermocouple joins a suite of OEM-qualified products that AMETEK produces for GE and other turbine engine manufacturers for heavy-duty frame and aero-derivative gas turbines. GE-qualified products for these applications include exhaust gas thermocouples, wheelspace thermocouples, compressor discharge probes, radiation shields, accelerometers, pressure probes, cables, harnesses and pressure transmitters.


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