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TOG5V gloves for anti-vibration and general hazard protection

November 16, 2020   Don Horne

Aquila – TOG5V gloves for anti-vibration and general hazard protection

Aquila are aware that in any working task there is rarely only one hazard and so have developed the TOG5V glove as a complete package for many common applications worldwide.

Their main considerations were to offer impact and vibration resistance in a Hi-vis, cut resistant glove, which they then coated with sandy nitrile to provide extra grip. Special pads are featured on the palm to offer excellent vibration protection for Oil & Gas industry, Utility industry e.g. roadworks, Mining, Agriculture and similar situations where operators are dealing with heavy machinery in difficult conditions.


In a functional way the TOG5V gloves address operational vibration and impact hazards with silicon TPE pads which give excellent impact protection on both the back of a hand and fingers, while the softness of silicon TPE padding reduces hand fatigue over an extended shift and is longer lasting compared to PVC.

Such a high quality approach improves safety outcomes and reduces long term costs in terms of direct PPE costs and indirect injury costs.

Cut protection is then assured with genuine Alkimos cut D yarn throughout the glove (not just on palm) which guarantees protection from cuts and piercing over the whole hand. Grip is enhanced with the sandy nitrile surface offering good grip in both dry and wet environments and excellent oil & chemical resistance.

Primary safety comes from the Hi-vis green outer so that the glove is highly visible in low light to ensure operator compliance and for close working with other people so they can identify and avoid hands of co-workers in the course of their work. Of course, wearability is key to primary safety since comfortable gloves will be more readily worn, so the TOG5V features a secure Velcro fastening cuff making it easier to put on and take off.

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