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Torpedo G1275 pumps for aggressive pumping applications

Don Horne   

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products and subsidiary of Graco Inc., announces its Torpedo G1275 pumps, a series of large-body pumps designed for aggressive pumping applications.

These pumps work by means of a powerful stirring motion in the influent stream to allow slurries and solids to pass through. These pumps are designed for use in applications including landfill liquid management and remediation pumping applications.

The Torpedo G1275 pumps handle pumping conditions that would cause many other types of pumps to fail. To prevent failure, the pumps are constructed of cast iron and stainless steel, and fitted with heavy-duty bearings and seals. The hardened, high-chrome impeller assembly can pass solids that would stall using most pumps available on the market.

Torpedo G1275 pumps feature hardened impellers which resist abrasion and wear, preventing wear and tear. This ensures a long pump life in aggressive situations. The pumps resist corrosion by means of an HDPE-encapsulated body, stainless steel water jacket and polymer power cable. The pumps boast a five-horsepower motor to provide the torque required for pumping silt, slurry and solid contaminants.


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