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Valve and orifice testing that is low range, accurate

April 16, 2019   Don Horne

A large manufacturer of water softeners replaced failing turbine meters with AW-LAKE TRG Turbine Flow Meters for more accurate and dependable low flow water metering in its reverse osmosis filter system.

Several test stands within the facility require high accuracy measurement of water pumped through assorted valves and orifices at very low flow rates to compare results to expected conditions.

Previous meters used by the water softener manufacturer failed on either durability, flow range, accuracy or stability. Looking for alternates, PD gear meters used for low flow oil applications posed the risk of slippage.

Most turbine meters on the market designed for water flow did not have the measurement range required for this application. AW-Lake TRG-11-375-5 Turbine Meters with 10:1 turndown range allowed for measurement of water flow down to 0.1 gpm and up to 3 gpm with an accuracy of better than 0.5 per cent. The TRG Turbine Meter also offers:

  • Sturdy construction for long-term high performance and longer service life at an affordable price;
  • Simplified maintenance with only one moving part; and
  • Electronic integration to display flow rate, totalization, and current or voltage output to compatible electronics.

The solution included a TRG-11-375 Turbine Meter mounted to an AW-Lake Frequency to Analog Converter that provides 4-20mA output to an existing controller, so operators do not have to make changes to test stand controls. Standardizing to the AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meters for all testing requirements, the water softener manufacturer can now use one test stand to test a broad range of products.

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