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Weigh Feeder features improved metering performance

Don Horne   

The Model 405-BDF-1 “Weight-Loss” Weigh Feeder, inclusive of Acrison’s Model BDF-1 Metering Mechanism, is a versatile metering mechanism that combines a flow-inducing dual auger/agitator with a centrally positioned metering auger that operates at proportional but dissimilar speeds to produce superior metering performance. With a compact footprint measuring 22 x 32 inches, the robustly built Model 405-BDF-1 Weigh Feeder includes a technologically advanced, highly durable dynamic weighing system, permanently calibrated and adjustment-free. High resolution weight sensing is produced by Acrison’s Ratiometric Digital Weight Resolver that instantaneously generates an unamplified, non-integrated real-time weight signal (no signal delay) for use by one of Acrison’s various multiprocessor controllers for precise feed rate control. The entire weighing system of the weigh feeder is guaranteed for five years, including the associated electronics.

Feed rates range from several pounds upwards to about 500 pounds per hour (based on product weighing 40 pounds/cubic foot), with continuous metering accuracies ranging between +/- 0.25 to 1 percent or better (error) at two sigma, based on a given number of consecutive one minute sample weighments. Cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry.


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