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WireXpert 500 Cable Certifier

Don Horne   

The new WireXpert 500 certifier, which offers the same powerful features as Softing’s flagship WireXpert 4500, targets copper cabling up to Cat 6A standards.

Softing Inc., an industry leader in industrial communications technology, has expanded its WireXpert cable tester series to include the WireXpert 500, a cable certifier that targets copper cables up to Cat 6A. With its modular concept and unique licensing system, the WireXpert 500 is a versatile, cost-effective tool for cable system certification in office environments, industrial settings, laboratories and data centres.

Softing has found that the overwhelming majority of cable contractors require Ethernet copper cable certification up to Cat 6A and has developed its WireXpert 500 to target these contractors. By enabling cable certification up to Cat 6A only, the WireXpert 500 fits over 95 percent of contractor requirements. Contractors can also easily upgrade WireXpert 500 units to certify copper cabling through Cat 8 or fiber optic cabling.

The WireXpert 500 is not a stripped-down version of the flagship WireXpert 4500; besides the fact that WireXpert 4500 certifies cables up to Cat 8, both certifiers are identical. Both feature the unique Dual Control System (DCS), which equips both local and remote devices with a main processor and colour LCD screen.

These features reduce the amount of walking a single user must do during troubleshooting, improving the testing efficiency for smaller, one-person testing projects.

WireXpert 500 devices also feature Softing’s “3 around 1” mode when users purchase two kits with four total testers. The 3 around 1 mode lets users reassign three testers as remotes while one tester remains in the main distribution frame (MDF). Now, three technicians can take to the field while one local remains in the MDF, improving the testing efficiency for larger projects. Using only two WireXpert 500 kits, all three remotes can certify cables back to one local certifier.

Additional WireXpert 500 features and benefits include:

-Intuitive navigation, thanks to on-screen menus.

-Professional report generation via eXport PC software.

-Proven accuracy — WireXpert 500 is based on a measurement system independently verified by Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL).

-Regular firmware updates, enabling users to stay current.

-Tests MPTL links using optional MPTL adapters.

-Various measurement modules — WireXpert 500 can identify and record copper patch cord performance with kits available for Cat 5e, 6 and 6A tests. Industrial Ethernet cable test kits include M12 adapter kits with both channel and permanent link configurations. Kits that support X-Coded M12 interfaces are also available, enabling 10-GB Ethernet tests. Units also support coaxial cable tests for attenuation, length, resistance, delay and return loss with optional coax test adapters.

In addition to the new WireXpert 500 series, Softing announces its two-for-one deal as part of its Summer Promo, enabling users to purchase two WireXpert 500 certifier kits — equipped with the DCS — for the price of one competitor kit. Since the two-for-one promo includes four testers, users can immediately take advantage of 3 around 1 mode or operate the testers independently to handle separate concurrent jobs if needed.


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