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ZE-ESD emergency shutoff valve solution for remote pipelines

Don Horne   

Cowan Dynamics announces the product release of the ZE-ESD Module that provides mid-stream pipeline distribution networks with a zero-emission emergency shutoff valve actuator system.

Emergency shutoff valves (ESD valve) are specifically designed to shutoff the process within the pipeline in the case of an undesirable event. The ZE-ESD easily works as a drop-in replacement for ESD valves without taking the valve out of operation. The ZE-ESD does not require any power source nor emits fugitive emissions during the operation the actuator.

“There’s been a growing tide of concern over climate change around the world, as well as the desire for suppliers in the oil and gas industry to participate in greener solutions.” Says, Maria Aguirre, R&D director. “Cowan Dynamics is committed to COP26 and has developed the ZE-ESD to be a Zero Emission solution for remote ESD valves that have no access to a power source as well ensuring no fugitive emissions are emitted.”

ZE-ESD Application:

This system is ideal for valves in remote locations that require a self-powered automatic failure position. In the event of an emergency, triggered by an ESD signal, the system will use stored hydraulic pressure to move the valve actuator to the desired fail-safe position (open or close) ensuring an automatic fail-safe system without the need for external power.

The ZE-ESD is compatible with linear and rotary valves such as gate valves, ball valves, or butterfly valves. In normal operation the system keeps the valve in its “normal” or “operational” position locked in place. These systems are engineered by Cowan to be retrofitted onto existing pipelines without taking the valve out of service.

Key features of the ZE-ESD:

  • For fail-safe systems (ESD & PSD), when power is not available
  • Zero Emissions, Zero Energy required
  • Secondary accumulator for leakage compensation ensures drift-free performance for weeks at a time
  • Remote feedback capability
  • Maximum working pressure 1500 PSI-g




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