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Tailing ponds are leaking, says watchdog group

September 4, 2020   by Canadian Press

An international environmental watchdog says there’s convincing evidence that oil sands tailings ponds are leaking.

The body set up under the original North American free-trade agreement also says Alberta and Canada aren’t working together when it comes to enforcement and monitoring.

The Commission on Environmental Co-operation reviews monitoring and related actions in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

In 2017, it was asked to consider if Canada has properly investigated whether huge and toxic tailings ponds are seeping wastewater in violation of the Fisheries Act.


The commission’s report, released today, says there’s consistent evidence of groundwater seepage — more than three-quarters of a million cubic metres in 2017 from one pond alone.

The report says despite environmental agreements signed by Alberta and Canada, there’s little evidence the two governments have done anything to implement them.

(Canadian Press)

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