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Two solitudes: the Prairies and the rest of the country

Don Horne   


How satisfied you are with the way things are going in Canada depends very much on where you are living, reveals a new poll.

While a majority of Canadians are satisfied with the direction of the country, there is a wildly different sentiment in the Prairies, where people are feeling widespread dismay at the state of affairs, a new survey from the Angus Reid Institute says.

“The prospect of a new year is bringing new concerns and anxieties for some Canadians and a bullish outlook for others. How they feel has largely to do with where they live,” says the institute in a news release headlined “Two Canadas?”

According to the National Post, the poll shows that more than 60 per cent of Canadians living in central Canada, the Atlantic Provinces and British Columbia are happy with the ways things are going in the country. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, the numbers are almost reversed, with only 29 per cent of Albertans and 39 per cent of people in Saskatchewan satisfied with the direction Canada is taking.


See original National Post here.

Those numbers represent steep declines from four years ago. In Alberta, the number of people happy with the direction of the country has plummeted from 53 per cent in 2016 to 29 per cent today. In Saskatchewan, the number has dropped 18 percentage points from 57 to 39 per cent.

(National Post)


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