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$23-billion CP3 revives Energy East pipeline concept

Don Horne   


With all the protest and legal obstacles facing the Trans Mountain pipeline, it is amazing that there are still people willing to push forward with new projects.

A new transcontinental pipeline project – much akin to the Energy East project – is in the early stages, with the aim of transporting oil from Hardisty, Alta., to Saint John, N.B., and would include a marine tanker terminal for potential export, according to sources from Pipeline News.

The Canadian Prosperity Pipelines Corporation’s Canadian Prosperity Pipeline Project (CP3) would pass through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, at an estimated cost of $23 billion.

Meanwhile, the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline – which faces fresh objections from First Nations groups – may be in jeopardy if there is a minority/coalition government following the October federal election.


According to the Calgary Herald’s Don Braid, either the Conservatives’ Andrew Scheer or Liberals’ Justin Trudeau would have to strike a deal with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP and, possibly, Elizabeth May’s Greens to form a government.

However, Singh and May would demand cancellation of the pipeline as a condition of supporting a minority.

Scheer and the Conservatives couldn’t consider support from the NDP unless the condition were dropped. Singh couldn’t dream of dropping it, writes Braid, which scotches that pairing.

So that leaves the pipeline’s future resting with a Trudeau minority propped up by one of these two anti-pipeline parties.

(Pipeline News/Calgary Herald/National Post)


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