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Metal Deburring
Vibra Finish Limited
Vibra Finish Ltd. has three metal deburring methods that can help you remove harmful and pesky burrs from your parts. Burrs damage both your product’...

Rust Removing Chemicals
Vibra Finish Limited
With our wide selection of rust removing agents, trust Vibra Finish Ltd. to provide the solution to your corrosion problem. Rust can present a serious stru...

Flash Cutting
Acro Manufacturing Industries Limited
Acro Manufacturing Industries Limited is a gasket fabricator and die cutter that offers various product services, including flash cutting. This technique i...

High Precision Screw Machines Products
L & M Precision Products Inc
High precision screw machines products are available from this top-tier manufacturer. We are an employee-owned shop with a large inventory of screw machine...
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Metric Hydraulic Hose Fittings
Collison-Goll Ltd
Hydraulic hose fittings in metric sizes are available from Collison-Goll Limited. We specialize in custom manufacturing, and we utilize the best equipment ...
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Custom Component Ceramics
Astro Met Inc
Astro Met, Inc. manufactures custom advanced ceramic components from our alumina and zirconia materials. Our materials are extremely resistant to wear and ...