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Mig Welding Guns
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

A variety of welding guns and torches are available from Lincoln Electric. We can supply MIG welding guns of many types including semiautomatic, robotic...

Rust Removing Chemicals
Vibra Finish Limited

With our wide selection of rust removing agents, trust Vibra Finish Ltd. to provide the solution to your corrosion problem. Rust can present a serious s...

Craft Felt
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

Work with beautiful, high-quality craft felt that inspires your creativity without hurting your wallet. If you need something fun, durable and versatile...

John Brooks Company Limited

John Brooks Company Limited is the supplier of choice for all types of valves. We offer an extensive selection including ball valves, butterfly valves, ...

Woodworking Hose
Hi-Tech Duravent

Our Dust Flex product line of hoses is ideal for use in woodworking shops. These hoses offer an economical solution with excellent compression and resis...

Metals Descalers
Vibra Finish Limited

Vibra Finish Ltd. can provide metal descaling that can remove unwanted scale from your parts. Scale can severely damage your iron-based parts. If its su...