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Electro Magnets
Magnetool Inc
At Magnetool Inc., we design and manufacture many magnetic and electromagnetic devices for material handling, holding, lifting, demagnetizing and filt...

Time Clocks
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc. provides time clocks that are suited to today’s modern workforce. For instance, the Kronos InTouch is a time clock that ...

Advance Shipping Supplies Inc
Advance Shipping Supplies offers a wide variety of adhesives to suit your business’s needs. With stock including polypropylene, duct, printed, PVC, f...

Hydraulic Cutters
Century Machine Inc
We manufacture hydraulic machines that are ideal for cutting, honing, drilling, and boring applications. Our selection includes both horizontal and vertica...

Solid State Controls
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
A wide range of solid state power controls is available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. These products are made by industry leading manufacturers such as ...

Pneumatic Conveying Blowers
Exair Corporation
EXAIR’s compressed air operated Line Vacs are a fast, low-cost way to convey, plastic pellets, scrap trim, textiles, paper, small parts, shavings or ...