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Stainless Steel Conveyors
Exair LLC
EXAIR’s compressed air operated Line Vacs are a fast, low-cost way to convey, plastic pellets, scrap trim, textiles, paper, small parts, shavings or ...

Custom Stampings
Matritech Inc.
Custom metal stampings are available from Matritech Inc. We have large capacity machines and years of experience manufacturing all types of stampings. Our ...

Rust Removing Metal Cleaning Products
Vibra Finish Limited
Rust removing metal cleaning procedures from Vibra Finish Ltd. can help you restore your parts’ vibrancy and function. Corrosion damages and inhibits...

Backing Materials
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation offers a range of rugged wear-resistant coatings and backing material as part of its Nordbak product line. The selection of Nordb...

Mechanical Control Systems
Wainbee Limited
Wainbee Limited provides mechanical control systems and equipment from our wide selection, made by leading manufacturers such as Parker and Eaton. The type...

Daemar Inc.
Fasteners from Daemar Inc. really bring your assemblies together. Though they may be small, these parts form an essential part of your equipment. A weak or...