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How Pembina’s pipelines are ensuring sustainability

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Interview with Janet Loduca, SVP, External Affairs & Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer at Pembina Pipelines Corporation – by Diana Davis, Editor at Oil & Gas IQ.

Poised to take an industry leading role in the energy transition through its commitment to sustainability and an inspired workforce, we caught up with Janet Loduca, SVP, External Affairs & Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer at Pembina Pipelines Corporation, ahead of 2022’s Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit, in Calgary, Alta.

A leading provider of essential North American energy services, Janet Loduca explains that Pembina has carefully woven a plan together that aligns with its values and reduces carbon emissions across its operations – including an emissions reduction target.

In this interview, Janet Loduca discusses what sustainability means at Pembina, the mindset she believes is required for a net zero future, and why her company is focusing heavily on all aspects of ESG, with a particular focus on Indigenous partnerships, collaboration within the industry and government, and equity, diversity, and inclusion.


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Editor, Oil and Gas IQ: What does sustainability mean to you at Pembina?

Janet Loduca, Senior Vice President, External Affairs & Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer, Pembina: Sustainability is connected to everything we do at Pembina. The great value and experience we deliver to our customers, communities, employees, and investors is built upon meeting their needs and expectations safely and responsibly. We are committed to growing a sustainable and dynamic business that our stakeholders can trust.

Our customers are looking for us to help them become more sustainable as well. We are poised and eager to continue working together to meet these goals.

The communities where we operate are incredibly important to us – it really is a partnership. These communities, including Indigenous communities, expect that we’re going to respect and protect their land and cultural resources – and we take that to heart. It’s important that we collaborate with all communities to develop projects that enhance their long-term socio-economic wellbeing as part of a sustainable future.

Pembina has a long history of working together with Indigenous communities – starting with more traditional engagements and evolving into truly transformative partnerships with the Haisla Nation and the Western Indigenous Pipeline Group. We believe partnerships like these will define what a sustainable business looks like in the future – and Pembina is already there.

A company is only as good as its employees and Pembina is no different. Our employees want to work for a forward-thinking company they can be proud of. We’ve done a tremendous amount of work in the last year recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce to support a culture where everyone feels comfortable, safe, and can be their authentic selves. It’s not something that can happen overnight but we’re making some great progress.

Our investors are looking to Pembina to play an important role in the energy transition and drive positive, meaningful change while continuing to deliver value. Adapting Pembina’s current strengths to flourish through this transition is crucial to our sustainability journey and to investors.

Editor, Oil and Gas IQ: Do you think there has been a shift in recent years in how companies operating in the oil and gas sector view their role in mitigating climate change?

Continue reading by downloading the full interview with SVP, External Affairs & Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer at Pembina Pipelines Corporation here.

You can hear from Janet Loduca in-person at at the Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit in Calgary, Alta. on May 30 – June 1. Janet will be taking the stage alongside TC Energy, and Parkland Corporation to discuss decarbonizing industrial operations in an engaging panel discussion. Visit the event website here to learn more.


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