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Blackline Collective brings together safety expertise

Don Horne   


Blackline Safety Corp. today launched Blackline Collective, a program focused on building a network of safety-minded organizations.

Blackline Collective bridges industrial borders, connecting peers committed to fostering a culture of workplace safety and operational excellence, “giving their teams the confidence they need to get the job done efficiently and return home safe.”

“We created Blackline Collective because safety should not be a competitive advantage,” said Cody Slater, chairman and CEO for Blackline Safety. “We serve hundreds of customers with tens of thousands of employees, across a broad variety of industries. Each of them has critical experiences and insights that other organizations can listen to, learn from and implement to improve their safety programs and worksite productivity. Blackline Collective is a community where these leaders can come together to share and collaborate in order to raise awareness of our common goal — protecting and saving lives.”

Created to unite those with a common objective of protecting their workforces and increasing performance, “Blackline Collective establishes a community for leaders to share the experiences, best practices and strategies that have helped improve their organizations’ safety and operations. It welcomes entities of any size or scale that consider safety a top priority and believe in the sharing of ideas and stories that have helped them keep their teams safe and moving forward efficiently.”


Blackline Collective officially launched today at a virtual Blackline Safety event. Dr. David Michaels, former and longest-serving Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), led a discussion on the relationship between safety and operational excellence, highlighting how safe organizations inherently operate at a higher performance level.

As an epidemiologist and professor at George Washington University, he also spoke about COVID-19 in the workplace — a key example of the insight and idea sharing that Blackline Collective makes possible.

“No matter what your trials are or where you are in the world, there’s a place for you in Blackline Collective,” said Slater. “To join, all we ask is that you share — your successes, your challenges and your lessons learned. Because when it comes to safety, we can’t afford to keep these experiences and insights to ourselves.”

Organizations who have joined Blackline Collective will be announced and share their stories in the coming weeks. Those interested in learning more or joining Blackline Collective can visit


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