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CAPP presents its own election platform

Don Horne   

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The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) has released its Energy Platform for Canada for the 2021 federal election.

“As economies around the world recover, global demand for energy is expected to continue growing. At the same time, the focus on a sustainable future has never been greater,” says Tim McMillan, president and CEO of CAPP. “Canada’s energy sector has made tremendous progress reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that continues, through significant investment in advanced technologies and knowledge sharing across the industry. Canadian producers of natural gas and oil provide a stable energy supply and are committed to finding efficient and effective pathways to a lower-carbon future.”

The platform is “a forward-looking, solutions-based document” outlining the crucial role Canada’s natural gas and oil industry plays in three vital areas:

Recovery – the energy industry is a primary engine in the country’s economy and can help drive Canada’s recovery by putting people back to work, creating investment, exports and economic growth, and generating government revenues through taxes and royalties. The benefits of a strong natural gas and oil industry are nation-wide, through direct and indirect employment and a multi-billion-dollar supply chain.


Renewal – Canada’s energy industry is part of the collective global challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the demand for affordable, reliable energy. The industry is continually evolving and developing solutions that improve environmental performance.

Reconciliation – the natural gas and oil industry champions the importance of Indigenous reconciliation and considers natural resource development to be integral to the Canadian reconciliation process. Responsible resource development contributes to Indigenous self-determination by supporting the growth of sustainable and prosperous Indigenous communities.

The Federal Energy Platform also highlights recommended actions for federal leaders to support and enhance the industry, creating ongoing recovery, wealth and prosperity while addressing emissions.

“CAPP and our members call upon Canadians and our leaders to seize the opportunity to unleash the economic and environmental power of Canada’s natural gas and oil industry,” says McMillan. “To be resilient and sustainable, recovery will be a multi-year process based on robust economic activity. It is crucially important for the incoming federal government to make policy decisions that position Canada for success in an ultra-competitive international investment market. Investment supports industry growth and is vital to developing and commercializing technologies that reduce emissions, water use, and more.”

Full text of the platform in both English and French is available here.

CAPP’s Federal Energy Platform is “to inform all Canadians of the concerns and vision of the natural gas and oil business in a manner that is non-partisan and is not advertising. The business of energy is the business of every Canadian regardless of their political persuasion. It applies to all of Canada on issues of national scope and importance,” according to the press release. “CAPP does not support or oppose any particular registered party or candidate.”




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