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CAPP weighs in on Liberal minority victory

Don Horne   

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Following the results of Canada’s election, which handed Justin Trudeau’s Liberals another minority government, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) extended their congratulations.

“The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers congratulates Prime Minister Trudeau and all new and returning Members of Parliament; we also thank all candidates who ran for their commitment to public service,” says Tim McMillan, president and CEO, CAPP. “This election result reaffirms the uncertainty in Canada as we continue to struggle with public health and economic issues related to the COVID pandemic. The natural gas and oil industry is ready to continue our work with the federal government to rebuild our economy in a way that advances Indigenous reconciliation, achieves environmental goals and creates sustainable jobs and opportunities for all Canadians.”

While mail-in ballots are still being counted, the current numbers show the Liberals with 158 seats, Conservatives 119, Bloc Quebecois 34, NDP 25, and Green Party 2. (Maclean’s tracking, 9 a.m.)

It is expected that the Liberals will continue their relationship with the NDP party to govern the country.


McMillan points to global demand for natural gas and oil continuing to grow, and is expected to make up over 50 per cent of all energy supply by 2040.

“Canadian natural gas and oil are better sources of energy for the world and better for Canadians. Our natural gas and oil industry is a recognized leader in environmental innovation and emissions reduction while being one of the largest employers and economic partners of Indigenous entrepreneurs in the country,” states McMillan. “Every molecule of natural gas and barrel of oil not produced in Canada, will be produced by other nations that do not share Canadian environmental or human rights standards.”

CAPP’s stated message for the past few years is to continue to ask of the federal government to support Canadian prosperity “by getting behind our own country’s resources and to trust Canadians to protect the environment rather than relying on other nations to supply the world’s need for natural gas and oil.”


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