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First commercial gas-to-liquids plant gets green light

Don Horne   


Rocky Mountain GTL Inc. has secured a $15 million term loan to proceed with awarding Midwest Construction Group Inc. as general contractor of the Enhanced GTL (EGTL) plant near Carseland, Alta.

“The Carseland plant will be Canada’s first commercial gas-to-synthetic fuels project, signalling a new era of natural gas processing and monetization,” says James H. Ross, the corporation’s CEO. “The patented EGTL plants convert natural gas/natural gas liquids/liquid petroleum gas, in any combination, into a single synthetic paraffinic diesel product. Rocky Mountain GTL Inc. will eliminate price or pipeline accessibility issues for producers by providing optionality to produce natural gas (stranded or otherwise) and associated liquids by converting this resource to synthetic diesel.”

Rocky Mountain GTL has licensed the industry leading direct fuel production technology, from Greyrock Energy Inc., that transforms low-value, under-utilized resources such as flare gas, natural gas, and natural gas liquids into higher value, cleaner burning diesel and other premium liquid fuels through an advanced gas-to-liquids (GTL) process.

Field construction of the EGTL facility began in May of this year. The plant is designed to process up to ~5.0 MMscfe/d of natural gas and natural gas liquids into a nominal 500 bbl/d of paraffinic synthetic diesel and naphtha.


“The unconventional oil and gas boom and global anti-flaring initiatives have created an unprecedented opportunity for Rocky Mountain and its partners to be world leader in the conversion of natural gas to high performance, zero sulphur, low emission and low Carbon Index synthetic liquid fuels,” says Ross.

The Carseland plant will incorporate several unique environmental features, such as self-sustained water supply, self-sufficient on electric power, and will recycle significant process CO2 in order to produce additional synthetic diesel. The Carseland plant forms the basis for future EGTL(TM) plants that are scalable from 5.0MMscfe/d to 50.0 MMsfce/d of natural gas capacity.

“We congratulate the Rocky Mountain GTL team in completing this important financing and the continued construction progress at the plant. The completion of this plant sets a standard for how natural gas and NGLs can be monetized in Canada,” says Robert Schuetzle, CEO, Greyrock.


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