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Premiers talk freer trade, attracting investment amid Stampede festivities

Don Horne   


New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories gathered in Alberta today to talk about removing provincial barriers to trade.

The Premiers of these provinces gathered during the Calgary Stampede to discuss improving the free movement of goods, services and people across Canada.

“It is critical that Alberta work with other pro-development provinces to create jobs and attract investment,” said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. “We are doing that by leading an ambitious free enterprise agenda that benefits Alberta and promotes national economic growth.”

The topics of discussion included improving market access for Canadian products, removing barriers to internal trade and supporting policies that create jobs and growth.


“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of working together as Premiers to build our nation,“ said Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick. “What is good for Alberta, moving its stranded assets, is good for New Brunswick and for Canada as a whole. We are stronger when we work together to get results for our regions and our country.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford pointed out that “Alberta has a friend” in Ontario.

“Our governments will continue to work together to create a pro-jobs and a pro-investment environment in Canada,” said Ford, “including getting pipelines and essential infrastructure built and knocking down internal trade barriers.”

The discussions build on conversations from the Western Premiers’ Conference held recently in Edmonton and establish common ground for the Council of the Federation meeting in Saskatoon, Sask., July 9-11.

Those discussions included Robert McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories, who reminded everyone of the abundance of natural resources and economic potential in Canada’s far north that has yet to be taken full advantage of.

“As other global powers increasingly look to develop Arctic resources and transportation potential, our country needs to demonstrate that it is committed to embarking on nation-building projects that will develop the Canadian North both strategically and responsibly,” said McLeod.“I appreciate the continued support and partnership of my colleagues in working with the Northwest Territories to strengthen Canada’s presence in the Arctic and turn northern potential into national prosperity that residents of all our jurisdictions can enjoy.”

“I would like to thank Premier Kenney for hosting this group of Premiers at the 2019 Calgary Stampede, a true display of our Western Canadian culture and heritage,” wrapped up Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. “I look forward to hosting all of Canada’s premiers beginning tomorrow in Saskatchewan as we gather to discuss issues of the utmost import to Canadian provinces at the 2019 Council of the Federation meetings in Saskatoon.”


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